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1.  What is the difference between events and recreational activities?

Events are usually gatherings organised for entertainment purposes such as theatre plays, concerts, films, sports events, festivals etc.Recreational activities, however, require more active involvement from participants.
They are primarily for educational and self-improvement purposes, taking place over a longer period of time. Recreational activities include, for example, different hobby clubs, sports practises, training courses etc.

2.  How to add information into Window of Culture?

Adding events or recreational activities into Window of Culture (Kultuuriaken) is free of charge. New information can be added in Estonian, English and Russian, without requiring users to log in.
Organisers are always recommended to log in (whether by using social media or ID-card/Mobile ID) to add new information, as this makes it possible to later manage and edit previous entries.
However, users cannot later edit already entered information if they did not log in.

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